Historische Bilder aus der FAL

Agricultural Research (FAL)




The Agricultural Research Centre Braunschweig-Völkenrode (FAL) was established in Braunschweig in 1947, on the large property previously used for aviation research by the German Reich. First an organ of the State of Lower Saxony from September 1949, the FAL became a national agency on July 1, 1966. Since 1977 it was called the Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL).

The founding of the FAL occurred against the background of insufficient food supply as a consequence of the Second World War. Characteristic was the broad spectrum of topics under one roof, including the research areas Soil/Plant, Animal, Technology and Economics. The research topics of the FAL were always oriented to the current policy decision needs. Changing economic and social framework conditions influenced agricultural as well, and were reflected in the respective research emphasis as well as the number and direction of the institutes.

Whereas the shortages following the Second World War led primarily to a focus on increasing agricultural production and using all available resources, with increasing affluence, questions on product quality, and then process quality, in the production of agricultural products were added as research tasks.